1st Principle - Networking

We believe a rising tide lifts all ships. This is why Local Common Wealth was founded as a very powerful business networking organization. Our mission is to build wealth in member businesses and wealth in Local Common Wealth chapters. We are a rising tide for the coming renaissance.

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2nd Principle - Decentralize

We are the first ever decentralized organizational model built on a blockchain. New chapters are issued Common Wealth coin to help get started. Members then earn Common Wealth coins when they pass referrals and when they bank their consumer profile on the blockchain.

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3rd Principle - Wealth

Our goal is to help communities recapture wealth. They best way to achieve this is with a technology that encrypts and protects user privacy. The side benefit is that we can stop the confiscation of social wealth at the same time. Local wealth conservation is going to inspire a renaissance.

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Our Vision

Our first focus is small business. Common Wealth, which is the name of our coin, is the first token on a blockchain that is supported by small business. It is also the first token that will be backed by consumer data.

After seeing the crypto currency space struggle with creating a stable token that can also maintain stable growth, we are launching Common Wealth.

Common Wealth tokens are mined when we pass business referrals and when we enter consumer data manually and automatically. Like Steemit that pays tokens to post and comment on its social media, which makes it a very stable crypto, we give tokens when businesses pass a referral and when community members bank their consumer data on the block chain.

And how do we attract local businesses first? We believe a rising tide lifts all ships, which is why we enter markets as a business networking organization first. The history of business networking fits perfectly with the decentralization movement. Business networking is also the best way to expand decentralized technologies in local markets.

Lastly, our core technology will function as an encrypted hyper-local analytics service on a blockchain. Our goal is to decentralize consumer data away from the big conglomerates and return that data back to the individual. At the same time we will bring wealth back to local markets.

At Local Common Wealth, we make it easy for networking organizations to form for almost nothing. We also go one step further. With our unique Common Wealth token backed by business referrals and consumer data, we make it super easy for these organizations to grow in wealth. At Local Common Wealth, we believe a renaissance is coming, and we are dedicate to being a major part of the rising tide.

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Next Step

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