1st Principle - Networking

We believe a rising tide lifts all ships. This is why Local Common Wealth was founded as a very powerful business networking technology platform. Our mission is to build wealth in member businesses and then to build wealth in community networks, starting first with helping businesses network better. Early adoption with local businesses is our first priority. Next is every consumer in the community.

White Paper #1

2nd Principle - Decentralize

We are a decentralized hyper local analytics service designed to generate wealth locally. Business members are issued tokens when they pass referrals. Consumers are issued tokens when they bank their consumer profile. Anyone can then gift tokens to local clubs, groups, and non profits, or they can trade them. All tokens must have a life cycle of three exchanges before they can exit the system.

White Paper #2

3rd Principle - Wealth

Our goal is to help communities recapture wealth. The best way to achieve this is with a technology that encrypts and protects user privacy while keeping as much commerce inside the community as possible. The benefit is that we can stop the confiscation of social wealth at the same time. Conserving wealth locally is going to inspire a renaissance and we are at the forefront of that change.

White Paper #3

Our Vision

Common Wealth is the first digital token backed by consumer data. It is also the first digital token that will be rewarded if used on more transactions inside the same platform.

Essentially, users get paid in the form of Common Wealth tokens for passing referrals and for banking their consumer data on the Common Wealth blockchain.

This is the best way to back a token with value important for local businesses. And how we attract local businesses is even more interesting.

Since a rising tide lifts all ships, Local Common Wealth enters local markets by servicing business networking organizations. Later will follow chambers, alumni associations, clubs, groups, and schools. Please read white paper #1 that explains the history of business networking and why it fits perfectly with the decentralization movement.

Lastly, our core technology will function as an encrypted hyper-local analytics data mine on a blockchain. Our goal is to decentralize consumer data away from the big conglomerates and return that data back to the individual. At the same time we will enrich local markets.

At Local Common Wealth, we make it easy for organizations to form into a headless body and with full protection of user privacy. We also go one step further. With our unique Common Wealth token, we make it super easy for these organizations to grow in wealth.

At Local Common Wealth, we truly believe a renaissance is coming and we are the rising tide that chooses to be part of the event.


Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 5.10.22 PM
Data Consumer Mine

Distribution of Common Wealth Tokens

The team at Local Common Wealth will not be reserving any tokens for itself. At no time is Local Common Wealth an administrator, issuer or transmitter of Common Wealth tokens. Our algorithm ethics is to make everyone a user and to encourage the multiple exchange of our tokens to be earned and spent as a service inside the system. Click Buy Common Wealth to get involved with our crowd sale.

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