1st Principle - Networking

We believe a rising tide lifts all ships. This is why Local Common Wealth was founded as a very powerful business networking model that is focused on creating thriving cultures. Our mission is to build wealth in member businesses and then to build wealth in community networks, starting first with helping businesses network better. Early adoption with local businesses is our first priority. Next is every consumer in the community.

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2nd Principle - Decentralize

Our technology plans are to build a decentralized hyper local analytics technology designed to generate wealth locally. Our members pass referrals through our partner technology and consumers are given a data structure built on a consensus algorithm that is fast (hundreds of thousands of transactions per second), secure (asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerant), and fair (consensus time-stamping). We are the new rising tide.

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3rd Principle - Wealth

Our goal is to help communities recapture wealth. The best way to achieve this is with a technology that encrypts and protects user privacy while keeping as much commerce inside the community as possible. The benefit is that we can stop the confiscation of social wealth at the same time. We are at the forefront of new vision in business networking and it begins with a new vision in business networking

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Our Vision

Local Common Wealth is business networking organization.

We are different. Each Local Common Wealth chapter, which is comprised of up to six networking groups and up to 350 members in total, is decentralized and runs by common consent (like a micro republic). Common Wealth chapters have no political hierarchy to centralize wealth and power to itself, which leads to power struggles and the susceptibility of corruption and bloated costs. Essentially, Local Common Wealth chapters are headless. Our motto is simple. “A rising tide lifts all ships.”

Local Common Wealth groups meet every week to discuss relevant issues in business and community. They pass referrals and they pitch each other’s businesses. They do not allow members to sell or pitch/hawk their own businesses. They do that for each other.

At Local Common Wealth, we truly believe a renaissance is coming and we are the rising tide that chooses to be part of the main event that will unfold over the next thirty years.


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Thriving Cultures

If interested in launching a Local Common Wealth chapter near you, please read our white paper on The History of Business Networking. Also, we are partnered with Vision Impact Leadership. Their Leadership training is essential to your success. All their services are free to Local Common Wealth chapters. Listen to their weekly podcast at Vision Impact Leadership. If you really want a thriving culture, their support is invaluable.

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