Why do we need blockchain tokens?

First, our token is a unit of service that can be purchased or earned. It is much like an API that grants every user access to the platform, either when the tokens are purchased, or when a service is rendered in the system from one user to another. Here is where we need a blockchain service tokens: first by passing referrals to other members merits the reward of service tokens. Second, we need service tokens to benefit users entering their consumer data, meaning by entrusting the encryption of the Common Wealth platform with one's consumer data, the reward of service tokens is given. Lastly, we need service tokens to regenerate wealth locally by decentralizing what is now a costly marketing expense made to centralized global online platforms. In other words, by giving small businesses access to a powerful hyper local analytics database of consumer profiles, and by rewarding consumers with banking their profiles with us, we can disrupt the massive outflow of marketing costs now being given to larger centralized platforms. We can then help communities and small business regenerate wealth locally.

What advantages of the blockchain technology will our technology enjoy?

In order to get users to bank their consumer data, we need powerful blockchain encryption to secure every user’s identity and to keep that identify separate from their consumer profile. Please note, Plaxo.com is now going out of business and shutting its doors as of Dec 31 2017. It was the largest user contact management platform with too many hacks that simply became too costly with no real revenue to support it. This is a perfect opportunity to put that technology on a blackchain, starting first with local business contacts. And that's just the beginning. As every user trusts the blockchain to separate their contact info from their consumer data, the technology grows in value exponentially and so does the coin.

How do we link a blockchain token to a product?

Our product is consumer data and business transactions between member businesses and with consumer data. In addition to the many uses with local merchants, our users will be able to give their Common Wealth tokens to local non-profits, clubs, groups and organizations, thus making it the most powerful fundraising model on a blockchain for local markets. In addition, local business can then buy those tokens back for discounted access to the analytics. This keeps us of the exchanges for exit and thus increases the value of the coin to regular purchases. Our product is local wealth and a blockchain will help to regenerate that wealth with almost 100% conservation in the community.

How is our token of interest to investors? What is our mechanism that links its value to the success of our product?

Common Wealth tokens are first mined when members in the network pass referrals in the system. They are then further minded as users bank their consumer profile on the blockchain. As a result, with small business integration designed first and consumers integrated second, we become the first-ever hyper local analytics on a blockchain with crypto tokens backed by real and timely consumer data. Another plus is that we will have fewer exits from the system into fiat or other crypto currencies than any other crypto token. Why? Because our tokens will be used and reused over and over within the local market. This, we believe, will make our tokens less volatile on the exchanges

How does your team make a living?

Our initial ICO crowd sale will get us launched for the first three years. After that, we have several verticals that we plan to implement down the road. Only subscribers will be notified of these ideas.

How does our offer fit into existing laws?

Per FinCEN regulations with the United States Government, we are not selling tokens directly. Regulated exchanges are designed for this. Second, we are not reserving (holding back) any tokens for the team at Local Common Wealth. This is also in line with FinCEN regulations. We have more effective means to generate revenue. Lastly, outside of what is sold on the exchanges, our tokens will be created through business and user mining.

What is the projected growth of the Common Wealth token?

We are a long term model. We will open between 10-30 chapters annually in the first three years, and then in the fourth year grow exponentially thereafter. We will launch in beta the consumer data banking technology within 12 months after the ICO crowd sale. Please subscribe to be updated.

Where will you start?

We will focus on launching in the United States to start in the first year. Thereafter we will launch in other countries where there is support.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 24/7/365, especially as  move into other nations. Once we have three members to start a new chapter, we will work closely with them on how to organize and how to start building wealth immediately.

How do you start a new chapter?

Please use the contact us link at the top of the page. Please note, we have a strict rule. It takes three to start a group. It does not work with just one person.

Are you reserving any tokes for your team?

No! We feel this is direct conflict of interest, plus it does not agree with FinCEN regulations.

How does your team make a living?

Our initial ICO crowd sale will get us launched for the first three years. After that, we have several verticals that we plan to implement down the road. Only subscribers will be notified of these ideas.

Do you have a business plan?

Yes. It is available upon request. It will be posted after our ICO crowd sale is over.

How many tokens will you create?

We will issue 10,000,000 tokens for our initial crowd sale. All tokens not sold will then be sold on the exchanges.

Send your questions by using the Contact Us link above.