Episode 01, Wealth Networker Launch

In this first episode Keith and Brendan Dalley launch The Wealth Networker podcast. From chambers of commerce to private master mind groups, Wealth Networker is a show about new ideas in business networking. Be warned that we are unafraid of tossing out bad ideas and replacing them better ones. If you have some sacred cows about how to run a networking organization, be prepared to have some toes stepped on.  Hosted by Keith Kelsch, founder of Local Common Wealth and the one and only Genuine Optimist at genuineoptimist.com, and Brendan Dalley (AKA the Dalley Llama), and president of Networkr.io, our combined years of experience is going to pivot the world of networking.


Local Common Wealth is a wealth-building business networking organization that is run by common consent. Our mission is to create more wealth and more freedom locally, essentially a thriving culture with no power struggle. If interested in launching a Common Wealth Networking organization in your community, see us at www.localcommonwealth.org.

Local Common Wealth was founded in 2016 by Keith R Kelsch and his wife Malissa A Kelsch. After several years of research, which culminated in Keith publishing The Political Optimist: The Restoration of Common Consent, Local Common Wealth was created to do two things, build more wealth locally and create a rising tide that lifts all boats.

Soon after organizing the company, Keith and Malissa began spreading the good news of common consent by organizing the first non-profit business-networking chapter of Local Common Wealth. This chapter is called the Dixie Business Network. Keith and Malissa started working hard to grow the vision with a simple goal to create as many wealth-building networking chapters as possible.

While each chapter of Local Common Wealth is a non-profit managed locally by common consent, Local Common Wealth itself is a for-profit organization. Roughly 75% of the annual membership fees stay with the local non-profit chapters while about 25% goes to Local Common Wealth itself to build the technology and grow the vision. This is completely opposite of the typical corporate model that leaves nothing locally.

If you want to learn about true abundance, hang around. Local Common Wealth is a true community abundance model.


Networkr changes lives and creates new opportunities by making it easy to connect and build relationships. If you belong to, or thinking of joining a networking organization in any way, either as an administrator or a member, Networkr will provide you with a systematic way to grow and track your face-to-face business relationships. When you attend a networking event, Networker will help you meet and even sit you by new people because the app knows who’ve you met, when and where you’ve met them, and who you haven’t met (and want to meet).

To help grow and strengthen your business network, Networkr tracks your levels of relationships, it helps you schedule one-to-one meetings with those you are networking with, and it tracks your ROI by allowing you to send/receive referrals and giving “thank yous” for business passed to you – all in the app!

Other benefits include the ability to see and RSVP for all the networking events in your area, securely pay for networking activities (like lunches) inside the app (no more invoices or writing checks), and reminders via push notifications and alerts for any upcoming events, tasks, and new connections to follow up with.

Plus, when you register for an event, you will see who else is going so you can be proactive in meeting new people. And after attending an event, you’ll get all the contact information of everyone else who attended will, which means no more collecting (and trashing) business cards.

Networkr provides you with more opportunities by making it easy to connect, track, and grow you relationships. See what Networkr can do for you today!


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